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Who Will Activate The Stone Spheres - And When? [Dec. 10th, 2005|10:29 am]

spheres"There is a certain purpose for these stone spheres ... this is most likely a souvenir given by guests from the Universe, who want to send our mankind some kind of message."

– Carl Sagan

At the time Carl Sagan gave his opinion, only a few hundred stone spheres had been found in Costa Rica. But today, thousands of the perfectly formed spheres have been discovered all over the world - Bosnia, Australia, Germany, China - with more locations added to the list every year.

The first spheres were discovered in the 1930s. They were considered to be local curiosities - just minor mysteries without any global significance. Some archeologists even thought they were pottery based, and believed they were only a few thousand years old. But now that huge numbers of them have been discovered all over the planet, the spheres are finally being treated as a vast global phenomenon by scientists.

They vary in size from a few centimeters to colossal 3-meter giants. They exhibit some usual properties. For instance, they appear to be denser than regular stone. They are perfectly spherical and interfere with magnets. Thousands have been found, but experts say most remain buried - for now. They believe they were placed on earth over 200,000 years ago. Ominously, many seemed to have moved several hundred miles from their initial discovery site, with no explanation, or human intervention. Perhaps they are already being activated, or are readying and positioning themselves for reasons unknown.

Because they are found in clusters and along energy lines of the earth, many suspect the stones are energy conduits. Perhaps they are, but for who? Because of their unusual properties, some say they where placed on earth to stabilize our climate or to preserve our magnetic field. Others are researching the vast numbers of spheres in the oceans, which taken together they have enough mass to impact Earth’s gravity. But until they are activated, we will not know their true purpose.


LOOK UP - The Sky Is Falling [Aug. 3rd, 2005|01:48 pm]

Ttrailshere’s been a lot of discussion lately about all those streaks up in the sky. Some of them are harmless - the condensation trails, or contrails, that occur when hot airplane engines interact with the cold upper atmosphere. They dissipate quickly, because they are nothing more than simple water vapor.

But if you add a chemical, biological, or technological agent, then these trails linger, sometimes for several hours. Which means they can be layered. Dense grids and even “blankets” can be created. Precise amounts of the desired additives can be delivered over vast target areas. No longer merely contrails, these manmade phenomena are called Chemtrails.

Chemtrails are commonly seeded with 10-micron Aluminum Oxide particulates. Aluminum Oxide has the ability to reflect sunlight back up into space. Thus it is one weapon in our arsenal to mitigate the effects of global warming. It can also be used to shield crops from excess solar radiation especially where the ozone layer has been depleted.

Despite these good intentions, aluminum is extremely toxic to most plants and animals, including humans. It interferes with the uptake of other nutrients and attacks the nervous and immune systems. Furthermore, since crop protection is considered a national security issue, the exact components of the Chemtrails, as well as the time, place, and duration of the missions, are kept top secret.

Numerous corporate and political entities are using Chemtrail technology for purposes other than crop protection. Perhaps the most troubling are the “Smart Dust” Chemtrails. These have been seeded with nanoparticles, essentially tiny computer chips, which can be used to tag, track, and control anyone who breathes them in. They are designed to enter our blood stream and then travel to the brain. Experts estimate that over a third of the US population has already been “dusted” – nearly 100 million individuals. But for what purpose? I say, follow the money. One researcher, who wishes to remain anonymous, put it this way: “There are those who fear a zombie invasion. But the zombies are already here. Only they don’t eat brains, they shop.


(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2005|11:22 am]

Q: What Could Be Worse Than Invasive Fire Ants?

A: The Invasive Fly We’re Importing To Fight Them

antI was just as excited as you are for the weekend, especially with the Sox having just shut out the Rockies. But unfortunately, I've got to share some news that will ruin it.

It’s not about Solenopsis Invicta - the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA). Accidentally introduced to the US in 1930, they have since outcompeted most native ants - including native fire ants. They colonize areas faster than native species, especially quickly in areas previously cleared by pesticides or fires. They

have no natural enemies here. They are indiscriminate eaters. They kill weeds as well as crops and beneficial plants, and they are devastating to young livestock and ground dwelling wildlife. In Texas alone they do an estimated 1 Billion in damage every year. And they sting! Latching on with powerful jaws, they can deliver multiple venomous stings. The wounds form painful pustules and easily become infected. So yes, they are awful. But that’s not the bad news.

The bad news is what the “experts” have come up with to save us from this invasive species. The Plan? They are going to import yet another non-native insect, a South American Phorid Fly. The flies are “host specific” parasitoids, meaning they theoretically target only one species of ant. The flies attack the ants while they are foraging, to deposit an egg. The egg hatches inside the ant, and the larva begins to eat the ant alive. Later, the ant’s head falls off, and an adult Phorid fly crawls out, ready to start the cycle again. As troublesome as this sounds for the fire ants, these “experts” don’t really expect the Phorids to make much of a difference. Got that? They are going to introduce another non-native species, just so they can inconvenience some fire ants. The hope is that RIFA colonies targeted by the Phorids MIGHT be bothered enough that native species of ants will not be so easily displaced!

You don’t have to be an entomologist to see how problematic this is. Non-native plants and animals are second only to complete habitat loss when it comes to the destruction of our native species. And now the experts want to bring in another one. On purpose! Depending on where you live, you will certainly have encountered one or more of these non-native aggressors: Nile Perch, Gypsy Moth, Salt Cedar, Kudzu, Purple Loosestrife, Rosy Wolfsnail. All brought to our shores on purpose. But instead of being ornamental, producing silk, preventing erosion, or battling another invading species, they ALL became hopelessly invasive themselves. Destroying habitats permanently.

Phorids, like other species, are able to evolve and adapt. And they could easily interbreed with native flies with wildly unpredictable results. Worse, they could be intentionally tampered with, perhaps by those same “experts” who have brought them here. Or by foreign entities who would like nothing better than to undermine our ecosystems and economy. Hybrid Phorid flies might target multiple species, or a single important one. Perhaps they would attack our native bees, or the European Honeybees – who contribute an estimated 12 Billion each year to our economy. The loss of our honeybees would be an economic disaster and would wreak havoc on our food supply. And if the invasive Phorids do target our honeybees, what will our “experts” do then? Import yet another species? Perhaps a virus, fungus, or other foreign pathogen intended to target only the invasive Phorid Flies? And so on, and so on!

I’d love to say this all isn’t true, and that my predictions are flawed, and that I’ve ruined the weekend for nothing. But I believe in ten or twenty years we’ll be working desperately to save some beneficial insect from intentionally hybridized Phorid Flies. And by that time we will have forgotten why they were brought here in the first place: to inconvenience some invasive ants that are, unfortunately, here to stay.


Secret Codes and Empty Graves: The Legacy of the Knights of the Buried Chambers [May. 10th, 2005|01:37 pm]
For over a hundred years they conducted their affairs and spread their numbers throughout Europe and Colonial America. Yet they never captured the public’s attention as did the Freemasons or Illuminati. At first glance they have much in common with these and other secret societies of the time: Esoteric doctrine, clandestine initiation rituals, the usual hierarchical power structure. They even overlap in membership! The numerous similarities have caused some confusion for those seeking answers. But when we take a closer look at the Knights of the Buried Chambers, many unique and tantalizing mysteries emerge.

For starters, there were rumors that the Knights of the Buried Chambers were immune to death itself. On several occasions when their graves were exhumed, the coffins were discovered to be empty. Why did these mock burials happen, and to where did the supposedly deceased Knights actually disappear? It boils down to two theories. 1. Some believe they had succeeded in creating a recipe for eternal life, or for extending a lifespan well past the centenarian mark. The quest for an exceptionally long life appears to be one of their primary goals. 2. Others claim they removed the bodies in order to hide evidence of toxic exposure to cadmium, mercury, and other heavy metals. Indeed the Knights of the Buried Chambers were said to have white hair, and medical experts tell us that cadmium and other heavy metals can permanently alter pigmentation. And we know they had at least one ritual that involved these toxins.

Perhaps more than any of their peers, the Knights of the Buried Chambers truly aspired to be covert. Every initiate was made to swear an oath to “Humility, Reverence, and above all Secrecy.” Of course their primary intention was to obscure themselves from the public in general, but surreptitiousness was also the objective within the organization. The identities of the highest ranking members were kept concealed even from each other. Those in higher ranks routinely spied on newer initiates to assess their worthiness and dedication to the principles of the Order. Perhaps this is why they were known to have built so many hidden doors, rooms, and tunnels into their meeting halls, which they referred to as “Temples”. Some of these were quite elaborate, and would have also served perhaps to hide their enormous wealth, the “diamonds and gold” they were said to have hoarded.

Absolute secrecy was essential. In the pursuit of this they practiced a type of coded writing of their own invention. It is now known that these codes employed the symbolic power of the triangle and the number three, which was deeply sacred to the Order. Some specific examples include:

  • reading only every third word

  • reading every third letter

  • reading letters found within a triangular pattern hidden within the text

  • separating the entire text into groups of three letters, but only reading every third such group

To further protect their writings, they switched between these codes of three, randomly and often - sometimes even mid-sentence. In Ruprecht's book, published by Halcyon in 1975, a small passage is partially deciphered, an excerpt from a larger manuscript to which he was fortunate to be provided access and shared for our benefit in his book. Ruprecht’s belief was that the passage was referring to the identity of the last Auric Knight, that is, the individual who held (or holds) the ultimate position within the Knights of the Buried Chambers, with access to all the teachings, mysteries, and secrets that the Order possessed.

Even the triangle symbol is itself is a coded reference to their “Three-Fold Purpose” to which every member was devoted. However not every member was permitted to wear the triangle. This was reserved for the higher in rank, those who had proven, sometimes over many years, that they were worthy of their title. New initiates and lower tiered members often spent their entire lives at the entry levels. These members followed the lesser “Four-fold Purpose”, and were made to wear the shape of a square. The square symbol also lacked the water droplet and other symbols included in the Knights of the Buried Chamber’s triangle motif.

Their dedication to secrecy is now a burden to us. The lack of dependable and varied sources is maddening. Although they are known to us as the Knights of the Buried Chambers, they often referred to themselves as The Order of The Knights and Scholars of the Buried Chambers of the Ancient Orient. This is surely their full official name, but what about the ancient orient was so important to them? Was that where the “Great Discovery” took place, an event shrouded in the darkest mystery that some claim was their sole raison d’etre? Or perhaps it has something to do with to the mysterious term Gazophylacium Subterraneum to which their writings refer quite extensively, though without explanation.

The Knights of the Buried Chambers had many secrets. But perhaps the greatest mystery of all was their sudden disappearance in the first decades of the 19th century, when their members vanished and their Temples were left empty and abandoned.

nibiruEvery week NASA receives thousands of requests from people wanting to know more about Nibiru, also known as the Planet of Crossing, or Planet X. It is due to pass through our solar system in the year 2020, and when it does, the asteroid belt will once again be disrupted. This will cause unimaginable damage throughout the system,

including here on earth, as our recurring cycle of mass extinctions tells us. But the experts still haven’t answered a very important question: Is Nibiru really a planet?

The Lone Planet Theory is certainly the most popular among Nibiru scholars. It was first opined in the 1970s by the speculative writer Zecharia Sitchin. The theory goes something like this: the vast asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter along with the bizarre positions of Neptune and Uranus didn’t just happen. Some mysterious massive object changed forever the structure of the Solar System. Proponents of this theory believe that Nibiru was never able to reach a resonant frequency with the rest of the planets. So it was flung out of the system and into its wildly elliptical orbit. This process destroyed its moons - leaving only the rubble that we call the asteroid belt. This violent event also tossed Neptune and Uranus into their current positions. Luckily though, once Nibiru was gone, the remaining planets were able to find stable and harmonious orbits around the sun.

Those who believe this theory are divided into two camps as to how the Anunnaki’s could have survived this catastrophe. On the one hand, there are those who believe the planet was colonized AFTER the ejection. The Anunnaki’s were already advanced, self-sufficient space travelers. They chose Nibiru, perhaps for the very extreme qualities that would be lethal to humans. On the other hand, there are those who believe the planet had an existing population at the time of its ejection. They were immediately forced to move deep underground for survival. Over the eons life there evolved to suit the bizarre environment and the 3,500 year orbit. All the life forms on Nibiru had to begin processing geothermal energy, or perish. Examples of this very type of adaptation can be seen here on earth near thermal vents at the bottom of our deepest oceans.

The argument in favor of the Lone Planet Theory is the evidence that the Anunnaki themselves left here on earth after their visits. Examples include the ancient Sumerian civilization, the elongated skulls that can be seen in natural history museums worldwide, and the strange codes they placed in our DNA. They used early hominid, animal, and their own genetic material to create the modern human race, which they used as slave labor to extract the minerals they needed for their long journey.

The Nemesis Theory is similar in many ways to the Lone Planet theory. The difference is that proponents assert that Nibiru is a planet orbiting a Dwarf Star called Nemesis. This dwarf brown or red star is the “dark twin” of our own sun. It states, in fact, that we live in a binary system. This idea hasn’t gained much traction with the general populous, but is widely endorsed by many scientists. And it’s easy to see why. NASA has in fact discovered a dimly radiating star called Nemesis on the outskirts of our system. It’s about twice the mass of Jupiter, and could very well have a planet - or several planets - orbiting it. They calculate that Nemesis wreaks havoc in our neighborhood about once every 3,500 years.

The heat and light from the dwarf star would be enough keep Nibiru habitable, and somewhat earth-like. In this scenario, the Anunnaki were never hurled into space. Rather they have enjoyed a stable orbit around their star Nemesis, which in turn orbits our sun in a somewhat lopsided binary system. When the two stars are at their closest, it causes complete mayhem in both systems. Our asteroid belt is just one piece of evidence supporting this.

Believers in the Nemesis Theory say the Anunnaki need nothing from us. They were our teachers, not slave drivers. They helped us survive the great flood, rather than being the cause of it. Since our only record of their visits is in ancient Sumerian tablets - which are still in the process of being translated - it’s easy to see how these ideas could be confused.

As if all that weren’t enough, there is one other idea worth discussing: the Space Vessel Theory. It is certainly the least researched, but possibly the most intriguing of all the speculations regarding Nibiru. The theory goes like this: like Star Trek, there really is a kind of United Nations of planets and alien civilizations in our galaxy. They built this giant vessel, and many others like it, for purposes we are only just beginning to understand. What many refer to as “planet” Nibiru is actually a planet-sized space ship that is on a 3,500-year continual mission in our part of the Galaxy. It is equipped to research, patrol, protect, police, and even punish growing populations that were long ago seeded by the Anunnaki.

Those who favor this theory point to the recent uptick in UFO sightings and crop circle messages as a sign that the Anunnaki are preparing to meet with us again, as they have on their previous passes. The ancient Sumerians greeted the Anunnaki as gods. However, our current level of civilization and scientific understanding will enable us to greet them as equals. But it still remains to be seen whether our meeting will be a friendly one. No doubt, despite all our advancements, the Anunnaki are, literally, light years ahead of us.

As Nibiru comes ever closer, our scientists will gather more information, and all will eventually become clear. But for now the questions outnumber the answers by a maddening margin. There are some who say they are already in contact with the Anunnaki. There are some who say this is all nonsense. I tend to think the truth is somewhere in between those two extremes.


Crystal Skulls Contain All of Human History [Jan. 19th, 2005|06:27 pm]

Twelve quartz skulls have grabbed our attention lately. The latest evidence shows that the skulls have the ability to absorb light, sound, and data. In other words, at the very least, they can see, hear, and remember. Those who have been in their presence, even for a short

time, report trance-like states, vivid dreams, visual and auditory hallucinations, and temporary xenoglossy.

Some of the skulls were made as recently at 500 years ago, but the oldest is over 30,000 years old! They are made from a special type of quartz, commonly known as rock crystal, which is found only in Madagascar and Brazil. The techniques and tools for carving them remain unknown despite extensive examination by experts. Quartz has some amazing properties, and we’ve just begun to tap this precious resource ourselves for storing huge amounts of data - INDEFINATELY.

Researchers are currently trying to unlock the information stored within the skulls using various frequencies of sound and light. They have had some initial success. However, most of the data remains trapped inside. If anyone has the SECRET or KEY to activating or unlocking the skulls, now is the time to step forward – before the arrival of Nibiru.

Note that some have suggested shattering the skulls to keep potentially sensitive information out of the hands of the Anunnaki. But this would be ill advised. There is no evidence that shattering the skulls would in any way disrupt the data contained within them. And it’s unlikely we could find all thirteen skulls without their consent. It is also not a given that the Anunnaki plan to use the collected histories against us.

According to legend, there are thirteen skulls. Many believe if they were all in the same location, a portal would be opened. Some speculate the skulls will come together on their own when the time is right. However the thirteenth skull still hasn’t revealed itself yet, though it expected to be “found” in the next few years, to coincide with the approach of Nibiru.


The Dark Ages: So Dark They Dissapeared [Aug. 21st, 2004|05:57 pm]

darkThe dark ages may be darker than we previously thought. In fact many historians now think they NEVER HAPPENED at all! It all started with a minor calendar correction...

Historians have long wondered about the lack of artifacts andevidence coming from this period, and many think they’ve found the answer. Holy Roman Emporer Otto III was busy overseeing the writing of self-aggrandizing histories. He found that once things were written down and fancied up with nice gold flourishes, that the histories seemed more true than they actually were. Now, it was also his duty and intent to correct for a 10 day calendar discrepancy that had occurred due to a minor miscalculation.

Because of his need for power and prestige, it was Otto’s desire to be seated during the very memorable year of 1000. But to make that possible, he’d need to change the calendar by a lot more than 10 days. He’d have to add 300 years! And to get away with it, he’d have to make up a lot of history to fill the void. Luckily, he was already an expert at writing false histories and adding the gold flourishes needed to make them look official.

Did Otto use this opportunity to be seated during the year 1000? If so, a vast conspiracy would have been needed to write up enough false history to convince future generations! It calls into question the exploits of Charlemagne, and gives us a new linguistic clue into the etymology of the word Charlatan. Could it be it’s really only the year 1704?


The Truth Behind Mozart’s Murder: The Magic Flute and The Freemasons [Apr. 20th, 2004|01:20 pm]

mozartOn September 30, 1791, Mozart conducted the premiere of his opera Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute). Shortly thereafter he became gravely ill with swelling throughout his body, pain, and vomiting. To his wife Constanze he said: “I feel definitely that I will not last much longer; I am sure I have been poisoned. I cannot rid myself of this idea.” He died just weeks later, on Dec 5, 1791.

But was there a connection between his poisoning and the debut of The Magic Flute? Some historians think so. The opera is a window into the mysteries of Secret Societies and Mozart was a member of at least two – the Freemasons and the Illuminati. And remember that during Mozart’s time the Freemasons and other Secret Societies really had to keep themselves well, secret. They championed revolutionary ideas like humanism and equality that were a clear danger to the established order and power of the nobility and church. Freemasons risked persecution and death if they were discovered.

Mozart himself was an enthusiastic member of the Vienna Masonic Lodge. He met many of his closest friends among the Freemasons, including Emanuel Schikander, who wrote the libretto for The Magic Flute. Together they wrote this notorious opera - which clearly describes the trials and ordeals that must be endured to attain enlightenment. Hidden within the words and music are some of the Freemasons most closely guarded secrets, including initiation rites and the identities of high ranking members.

Perhaps Mozart was unaware that he risked fatal retribution from the order for jeopardizing their secrecy. Others postulate that the culprit might have been one of the many enemies of the Freemasons, the nobility or church or a rival secret society, to rid the order of one of their most devoted and influential members. Regardless, Mozart’s death, at age 35, was painful and lingering.

He was unceremoniously buried in a pauper’s common grave, and covered with lime – which would hide any traces of wrongdoing should his body be exhumed in the future.


WE ARE THE LITTLE PEOPLE Nephilim: The Lost Race of Giants [Mar. 5th, 2004|06:49 pm]

giantTitans, Trolls, Nephilim, Rephaim, Ogres, and Giants. These and other colossal beings frequent fairy tales and bible stories from Jack and the Beanstalk to David and Goliath. In fact every civilization on earth makes reference to giants in their folklore and legends. And for centuries it was assumed that giants in story and scripture were allegorical. But then along came science.

In 1890 archaeologist George Vacher de Lagouge discovered the remains of a Bronze Age man who stood almost 12 feet tall. Lagouge published his findings about the “Giant of Castelnau” in scientific periodicals, including La Nature. More giant bones were found at the same site, including skulls measuring up to 32 inches in circumference, suggesting not just an individual, but an entire race of giants that stood between 10 and 15 feet tall.

In 1912, archaeologists from Beloit College excavated over 200 effigy mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. The “Wisconsin Mounds” were found to be consistent with any eighth century woodland culture, except for the enormous size of the skeletons buried there. Many were of individuals who stood between 10 and 18 feet tall. The New York Times reported that the skeletons had other oddities in addition to giant stature. Extra fingers and toes, and a second row of teeth were cited.

Note these statistics for comparison: The tallest human in recorded history was Robert Wadlow, at 8’11’’, a London resident who died in 1940. The tallest man alive as of this writing is Radhouane Charbib from Tunisia, at 7’9”. In other words, even after accounting for disorders of the pituitary and all other forms of gigantism, there is no such thing as a 10-foot tall human. Let alone the 12 to 18 foot giants from Castelnau and Wisconsin!

And as extraordinary as these discoveries seem – they were not anomalies. Many more would follow. For the next hundred years, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, archaeologists found massive human bones and artifacts suggesting a civilization of titans. Hundreds of articles appeared in periodicals and newspapers from 1880 to 1970 speculating about the mysterious lost race of giants.


More recently, scientists believed we were on the brink of identifying the giants as close cousins - or confirming a human-alien hybrid - using the latest DNA technology. But then, almost overnight, the subject became forbidden archaeology: You could no longer publish papers, study, or even discuss these bones. If you dared to pursue the subject, your career would be over, tenure lost, and all your careful research suspect.

The mainstream scientific community was intent on covering up all evidence of the giants – so much so that the bones actually began disappearing. Even the Smithsonian Museum “lost” all the Wisconsin bones sent to them, and offered no further explanation. A mad flurry of hoax discoveries clogged the media, adding to the confusion. Creating hoaxes is just one way mainstream scientists discredit those who work outside their established guidelines. I strongly suggest you read Michael Cremo’s book Forbidden Archaeology (Bhaktivedanta Press; Revised, 1998) for more regarding the suppression of ideas from the scientific community.

Despite the suddenly taboo subject, many speculate that we DID conduct DNA testing on the giants before the bones went missing. But what they found was too outrageous for the mainstream - so they immediately began their campaign to suppress all the data. What did they find that frightened them so? Why can’t they publish their results? Do the findings suggest an alternate evolutionary history for mankind?

One intriguing possibility comes from the Bible. It says Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and humans, [Genesis 6:4]. Early humans may have greeted alien visitors as gods – mistaking them for fallen angels. The aliens combined their DNA with early humans and created a race of giants. The aliens were not just having fun with DNA, they needed a strong, docile slave race to do their bidding.

But where are the giants now? The Bible has an answer for this too. It says the Great Flood was sent to destroy them. Now, it may be some natural (or heaven sent) disasters contributed to their demise, but an old saying comes to mind: “History is written by the victors.” I believe we, the little people, wiped them out.

Our relationship with the giants was marred by fear and hatred. In our stories they are always violent, greedy, fierce, villainous, stupid, slow, filthy and foul smelling. In most fairy tales they are even portrayed as man-eating! And who is to say they were not? As the victors, we get to say what we want about the losers. Some would argue we MUST say these things, to ease our collective conscience for the foul deed of completely obliterating another race – our cousins no less! History written by victors indeed!

Despite all the obstacles, I hope that intrepid scholars will continue to research these mysterious giants, and help us understand who they were and exactly why and how they disappeared.


The Secret Sex Cult and the Murder of Stanley Kubrick [Dec. 3rd, 2003|11:09 am]

kubrick“Never, ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous.” – Stanley Kubrick

On March 7, 1999, just 4 days after the directors’ screening of Eyes Wide
, Stanley Kubrick was dead. Reports claimed it was a heart attack, though he was in good health and had no previous heart disease. The sudden death of this talented director shocked the world.

And what happened next was equally shocking. Warner Brothers pulled the film, then edited it profusely, before releasing the altered version to the public. No one (who will talk) has ever clarified what was taken out of the film or why. But insiders claim that the film was edited to protect the identities of well-known bankers, politicians, and social elites who are members of the highly sexualized New York Illuminati. In the film, Kubrick exposes the group as child sex traffickers and murderers, and in his directors’ cut – which we will never see - he obviously named names.

In the film, the members of the secret society will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep their identities hidden. It’s no wonder Kubrick’s death was immediately questioned! But just like in the film, although we are sure murders have taken place, we have no way to prove it. Is Kubrick a real life Nick Nightengale?

And was it really the New York Illuminati who are behind his death? Because another secret society, the Saturn Death Cult, held a grudge too, and they may have finally found the perfect moment to silence the director. The Cult, who famously had members in all branches of government, including the CIA, was behind the faked Moon Landing footage. And Kubrick, though initially appalled when approached for that project, eventually took over direction of the filming for artistic reasons. But he himself was never a member of the Saturn Death Cult. Could it be he was ready to spill the beans? If so, they could not let that happen, and the CIA has several well-known ways of inducing heart attacks in their enemies.

Kubrick really is our Nick Nightengale: He’s given us knowledge of a deadly secret society - and for that he paid the ultimate price


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