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All Ideas Questioned - But None Forbidden

I research topics the mainstream considers too fringe to pursue. I make connections between events that others have missed. I'm a sociologist, a professor, a husband and a father. I believe my worldview is unique, substantially shaped by our post-Fairness Doctrine media. In addition to this format, I also facilitate gatherings for like-minded individuals, where no subject is off-limits, no idea too incendiary. My personal interests include unusual phenomena, secret societies, conspiracies, and the massive assult on our planet's resources and ecosystems. I conclude all my offerings with the all seeing Eye of Horus, which reminds us to look beyond the version of reality spoon-fed us daily. I live in Rhode Island with my wife, two sons, a three-legged dog, and four goats named Mr. Beardly, Penelope, Winona, and Babe.
2006 Update: Thanks to my friend Adam for bringing Uniform Teachings to its new home at the Live Journal! Walt
2008 Update: The Under The Glass monthly gatherings have been temporarily suspended. I will start them back up in the fall. Walt
2015 Update: In response to recent inquiries, I no longer own my copy of Ruprecht's book containing the article about the Buried Chambers (or perhaps I just can't find it in my library! Although very interesting, it was easy to misplace. I remember it was a slim paperback from a small publisher.). Thanks also for your continued interest in the Under The Glass monthly gatherings. They are still on hiatus, but I will send an email to the list when I have enough time to start them back up. Walt